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A vela a Vulcano

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Canoa Kayak Club Aeolian Islands

Le Eolie in Kayak

Recomendé par la routard 2012 Si ride e .. si scherza. Questa è la copertina di Routard Sicilia che avrei voluto !!  

We (2 adults and one 10 year old) had a great day kayaking along the coast of Vulcano. We contacted Eugenio in advance by email and although his English wasn't brilliant, we had no trouble getting everything organised. Being outside the busy season allowed us to wait for the best weather and the three of us had Eugenio to ourselves, which was perfect. His enthusiasm about sea-kayaking helped to make this a memorable day, and he guided us to various sea-caves, beaches and underwater springs. It was still a bit too cold for swimming, otherwise there would have been plenty of excellent opportunity.
All in all, this is a great day out (or half a day) if you want to see wonderful scenery, learn about the island's geology and do some physical exercise at the same time. Highly recommended for active people. .continue on Tripadvisor ..

Lucio e Fede

“Avventura e risate...”

Premettendo che chi scrive la recensione non è affatto allenato e abbastanza sedentario, è stata un'esperienza indimenticabile!
Ci siamo divertiti tantissimo, nonostante momenti di panico per il mare un pò mosso che però lì per lì, presa dall'ansia, sembrava avere cavalloni alti metri e metri. In realtà era quasi piatto, razionalmente ripensandoci!
Eugenio è bravissimo: cerca di rassicurarti se hai paura, come me, e di sdrammatizzare. Vi porterà a vedere tutte le grotte più belle, tutte le parti che senza kayak non potrete vedere. Nelle grotte la sicurezza è massima, Eugenio vi aiuterà sempre a indossare i caschi. Lì sembra di essere in un altro mondo: un'acqua che assume dei colori ineguagliabili, una temperatura diversa in ogni punto dell'isola...Originale anche il passaggio sotto il pontile, suggestivo nella sua semplicità, proprio come la guida!
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“Giro in kayak-Giro in barca: 1-0”

Niente di più suggestivo e divertente di una escursione in kayak. Pagaiare tra le grotte di vulcano è una esperienza molto più gratificante di un qualsiasi giro in barca!!! Grazie all'istruttore Eugenio per la sua professionalità e la sua simpatia. .continue on Tripadvisor ..


Maria, Giro in kayak-Giro in barca: 1-0

“Kayak in Aeolian Islands: a must to do !”

We had a very friendly welcome, and Eugenio is very passionated personne.
We really enjoyed our trip, the equipment is really good and Vulcano is really a wonderfull place for this activity with its nice coasts, nice water and caves .
We liked this excursion so much that we will come back in September to do the tour that Eugenio suggest: the tour of Vulcano in 2 days, then the tour of Stromboli.
In conclusion: Thanks a lot for this wonderfull day !!!  …..…… continue on Tripadvisor


Seba e Valery
Magica Vulcano

“Magica Vulcano”

Escursione indimenticabile nelle limpide acque dell'isola di Vulcano. Per amanti della natura e di genuina compagnia, vi consigliamo vivamente questa esperienza in kayak.
Sin dal mattino, al nostro arrivo, ci siamo fatti assorbire dalla rilassante ed accogliente atmosfera di quest'isola "vulcanica". L'incontro con Eugenio ha acceso in noi la voglia di esplorare ….continue on Tripadvisor

An unforgettable Experience

“Volcanoes, caves and jellyfish!”

We arranged a day sea kayaking for the down day of our Exodus Volcano tour. I found Eugenio through Trip Advisor and I sorted everything out with him before we left the UK.
He was quick to respond to my emails and gave me no end of information and links to help me arrange the ferry from the island which we were staying on.
He met us promptly at the ferry port and drove us to the kayak school.
It was apparent from the moment we arrived that he was a highly professional guide ...... ......continue on Tripadvisor

“Quant'e' bello il kayak a Vulcano..”

Ti permette di vedere cose che non riusciresti a vedere in altro modo: grotte nascoste e scorci indimenticabili. Tutto grazie a Eugenio che non solo è una persona molto competente ed esperta ma anche di una sensibilità e accoglienza spiccatamente siciliane…….continue on Tripadvisor


Quant'e' bello il kayak a Vulcano.

“kayak sotto il Vulcano...”

Le isole Eolie sono un luogo d'incantevole bellezza, il kayak un mezzo divertente per scoprire anche gli angoli più nascosti di questa magnifica terra. Eugenio è la guida ideale che, in piena sicurezza, ci ha permesso di vivere un'esperienza indimenticabile ......continue on Tripadvisor
Kayak sotto il vulcano

An unforgettable Experience

“An unforgettable Experience”

Our family spent 12 days in Sicily. The sea kayaking was definately one of the highlights of our trip. We went kayaking in the middle of our stay in Siciliy, which was a great break from typical sightseeing in Siciliy. Eugenio is a great guide, and an excellent photographer ...........continue on Tripadvisor

Sea kayaking, Unforgettable adventure in Vulcano

Sea kayaking
  Unforgettable adventure in Vulcano

After spending 5 weeks in Sicily, I can honestly say that this adventure was the highlight of my trip. Eugenio picked us up at the port and even gave us info on the ferry to take from Lipari to Vulcano. Several of us were new to kayaking so he provided us with a brief instruction and some basic information about the volcanoes on the island. He provided our instruction and entire tour to us in English, which was a relief since our knowledge of Italian is extremely limited. The trip itself was incredible…..continue on Tripadvisor

“Sea Kayaking with Eugenio ..  is a MUST!”

I was with a group of six on a weekend trip in the Aeolian Islands, and sea kayaking on Vulcano was definitely the highlight. Eugenio picked us up right at the port and brought us to the kayak hq, where we went through safety and basic training for about an hour before we got on the water. Extremely professional and safe. The trip was absolutely fantastic, a wonderful was to see the island and the Mediterranean…..continue on Tripadvisor


The most great way to discover the islands

"The most great way to discover the islands!"

Me and my boyfriend went to Salina in Aeolian Islands summer 2011 and were all the time looking out for a place were we could rent kayaks to have a look at the island from sea, and one day out of nowhere came Eugenio with two customers to the beach we were at, and told us of his kayak school in Volcano. Such a lovely, funny and genuine guy - we decided to go to Volcano the day after to kayak with him. Thanks to that we had one of the most fantastic experiences of the whole trip ... ...continue on Tripadvisor

acquisgrana, germania

"One of the best days of our hollidays in sicily ..."

.... we spent in a kayak, circling the beautiful isle of Vulcano, guided by Eugenio, who showed us fantastic spots to swim in cristal clear water, hidden enchanted caves that are only accessible from the sea, and also teached us a little about the vulcanic origins of Vulcano ...

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“Fantastic sea kayaking and vulcanology tour

in the Aeolian Islands”   

Eugenio is the perfect guide for a fantastic day out on the calm Mediterranean waters around Vulcano in the Aeolian Islands. His knowledge of the Islands' geological history, sea caves and volcanic phenomena along with his infectious enthusiasm and great photography skills made this a real day to remember ....

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Fantastic sea kayaking and vulcanology tour in the Aeolian Islands"

Cammilleri: Excellent


We booked this after seeing all the great reviews here. I emailed Eugenio to book a 1/2 day session and by that same evening, he replied saying it's sorted.

The session started with a quick introduction to the islands and some theory and safety issues. After that, we kitted up and were on our way. Eugenio does his best to give information about the islands as you're going along and will certainly make your experience memorable. He certainly goes the extra mile to achieve that…...continue on Tripadvisor

Alla scoperta di Vulcano

E' stata una bellissima esperienza, il kayak è molto divertente, Eugenio è un'ottima guida e abbiamo potuto vedere grotte e posti nascosti bellissimi e unici nel loro genere (ad esempio un angolo di mare quasi bollente o le bolle di acqua calda che salgono dal fondale) che diversamente non avremmo mai potuto vedere per l'impossibilità di arrivarvi con altri mezzi.
Escursione consigliatissima!

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Alla scoperta di Vulcano

Highlight of Sicily Trip   

Eugenio is a great guy - Really funny and interesting and very good english. I was the only one booked for that day so we took a 2-man kayak around the volcanic caves and shoreline of vulcano island. I hadn't been in a canoe for 20 odd years, but this is so gentle - you don't have to have a high level of fitness for the experience.
You can only access these caves by kayak so it is a tour that very few people will experience. We swam and snorkeled along the way and say all kinds of wonderful fish and even came across a beached whale.
As he is the only one who does this kayaking there, he takes sole responsibility for the areas we go and picked up any debris that may have floated into the areas we visited. ……… .continue on Tripadvisor

Highlight of Sicily Trip

Fabolous day spent kayaking around aeolian island

“Fabulous day spent kayaking around aeolian island of vulcano”

We spent the day kayaking around half the aelian island of vulcanoe. It was a magical day as we discovered landscape of Vulcano Island from sea view which we had never seen before. The instructor Eugenio was fantastic, very helpful, passionate about his job and had a great sense of humour .......... ..continue on Tripadvisor


Grazie per tutte le sue belle foto. Le foto sono tutte magnifiche.
Si direbbe realmente un "DOCUMENTAIRE". Un grande applauso al nostro fotografo.
Vi ringrazio per tutti così come per il vostro patiance all'epoca della nostra uscita. Avete saputo farci dividere il vostro passione del canoé così come l'amore che portate ai vostri isole.

Grazie mille


"The best day of the best holiday!"

We discovered Siciliy in Kayak and the wonderful Eugenio completely by chance trhough a little tourist office on Lipari. We easily booked a half day trip around VulcanoThe best day of the best holiday! and even though we were staying on Salina, rather than Vulcano, we found it extremely easy to get an early (7.15am) hydrofoil across the waters to meet Eugenio for 8.30 in the Vulcano port. Don't let not staying on Vulcano put you off, it is a very easy trip across from Salina or Lipari.
When Eugenio met us he was friendly and very fun, and practically everyone on Vulcano knows him and shouted out friendly greetings as he drove us from the port to the base of the kayaking tours in Vulcano Blu residence (which by the way is lovely - has a great little restaurant, good shower and toilet facilities for when you come back from the water and a gorgeous little beach which you are free to use all day after the half day trip).
Eugenio was a complete delight, took us through all of the important points about kayaking, providing all essential safety equipment and also gave a us a good understanding of the island's geological history before we set off. The kayaks and all the equipment was obviously really well taken care of as well… ...continue on Tripadvisor ..

"Kayak - Ile Vulcano"Kayak - Ile Vulcano

Notre excursion avec Eugenio a très largement dépassé nos attentes. En fait, ce fut la plus belle journée de mon voyage (11jrs en Italie)! Eugenio n'ait pas d'employé et s'occupait lui-même de toutes les portions de l'excursion (accueil au quai des hydrofoils, transport, enseignement, équipement...), ce qui garanti une qualité très constante, peu importe le moment où vous réservez. Il est italien, mais parle très très bien le français. Il nous a fait faire de multiples découvertes tout au long de la randonnée et a pris des photos exceptionnelles! Il connaît tous les meilleurs points de vue. La journée se terminant et n'étant que 2 à participer à cette activité, nous avons pu partager avec lui la vie à Vulcano pour le reste de l'après-midi. Nous étions bien tristes de devoir quitter!
Parfois il nous est donné de rencontrer des gens d'exception, Eugenio est l'une de ces personnes!.....
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“Simply the Best”

A truly wonderful day. Eugenio is so enthusiastic about his kayaking, Vulcano and his clients. I was very lucky to have him all to myself for the day but I am sure he would have taken just as much care of all members of a group. We went in caves, saw fumaroles and paddled to a lovely beach for lunch and an after lunch snooze. He also takes very flattering photographs. This was a brilliant day out……continue on Tripadvisor


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