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Eugenio Viviani


Eugenio Viviani

My kayak initiation took place in the turbulent waters of the Strait of Messina. I was only a teenager and without any competence, when I started my training padding against the current between Scylla ad Cariddi (the marine legendary monsters who lived between the banks of Sicily and Calabria).  A chance encounter  at the sea brought me closer to competition and at the “Club Nautico Paradiso” I become a sportsman in various kayak disciplines and, soon, a regional multiple champion in Marathon and Fluvial.  After many months and years of trainings by river and by sea with various masters that I have followed even over the Alps to improve my padding techniques. My formation as kayaker has continued and I’ve become a F.I.C.K. (Italian Canoa Kayak Federation) instructor.
But it was the reading of the book “The Long Way”, by Bernard Moitessier, to give the wings to my dreams of  which the wake  of my kayak was dense. In 1994 I bought my first real sea kayak (Bernard), that soon became my friend and the only  travel mate.  Leaving “the embrace of Messina Strait” we embarked on an adventure that lasted 44 days around Sicily and the Minor Islands…. That voyage has changed my life, that voyage has never ended.
In 1996, I left again by myself to circumnavigate Sardinia; then, in 1997, Corsica; in 1998, the Peloponnese; in 1999, Crete, in 2000-2001, the Central and the Southern Dalmatia.
In the same year I founded the Canoe kayak Club Aeolian Islands, of which by then I deal with teaching and touring sea kayak in Sicily and in the Mediterranean.
In 2005 I become a fluvial kayak instructor U.I.S.P.; in 2007 a Sea Kayak Instructor F.I.C.T. and two years later, in S. Francisco – California, I obtained the 4 Stars Leadership training BCU in Sea Kayaking and Coastal Navigation & Tidal Planning.
THE TURNING POINT: In 2009, I left my father Antonino’s historical company of Messina, the restaurant-pizzeria “Al Gattopardo”, in which I’ve worked for more than twenty years and I moved to Vulcano (Aeolian Islands) to realize my dream: “Living by the Sea kayak”.
I will be myself to  answer to your e-mails and PERHAPS to bring you in kayak or SUP.


Baptiste Bouvier


Baptiste Bouvier

I started kayaking when I was a child doing tours with some friends in the estuary of the Rance in Saint-Malo in Brittany (France). Famous for its capricious weather and its tide, the bigger in Europe, the beauty of its landscapes inspired me to leave in order to discover new fantastic places. That’s how I arrived in the Aeolian Islands in 2017 to work during a season as an apprentice kayak guide. My meeting with Eugenio and his teaching have been deeply significant and kayak became an important element of my life. In parallel, I’m studying architecture in the city of Nantes. Traveler, I’m taking every opportunity to go on an adventure. It will be my pleasure to guide you during the excursions we will do together and to make you discover the unforgettable beauty of the Aeolian Islands.


Manuela Garraffo


Manuela Garaffo

Grew up in Sicily, moving between Crete and Las Palmas developed her passion for the sea - encouraging her to discover and learn new languages and culture by travelling and working from one island to another.
An Olympic kayaker, in 2002 won a couple of regional prizes for speed and marathon, but left this to share the passion of her friend  Eugenio  for kayaking and touring. Thus, in 2003, she ventured into Sea kayaking on a kayloa kayak called “Ola” (Spanish for Wave!) which she took on a maiden voyage on a crossing between Capo Peloro - Scylla, followed by tours of the Aeolian islands, the Egadi, the Ionian Greek islands (from Corfù to Zante) and... the voyage goes on! Since 2004 has been a F.I.C.K. instructor (the Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation) for the Canoa Kayak Club Aeolian Islands, handling tourist and recreational activities, victualling and welcoming groups of adventurous kayakers coming from overseas!


Luca Astuto


Luca Astuto

My love for kayaking, the sea and sea-faring became irresistible when in the year 2000 a group of four canoeists returned at sunset to their base in a campsite on Lampedusa. The day after we were to head for the island of Linosa and in less than 24 hours was established a way of living that today affects every thought and action. My Guru is called Eugenio Viviani and it is due to him that I have had the chance to lead an alternative life to the one on land. Wherever there is water flowing then CKC and Nanni (as friends call him) will be there with all the necessary gear, and with a joy and enthusiasm to share unforgettable experiences. Even if other things and people come and go, I can still count on Nanni, kayaking and the sea. Although I live in Rome, my winters there are spent organizing the next good long nautical camping trip. Being at sea whenever possible, even alone, is like reliving the experience of the great Bernard Moitessier, this is howit was in 2006 when circumnavigating Corsica crossing the Bonifacio Strait and once again in 2007 for the circumnavigation of Sardinia and will be once again this year around Sicily.



Kayak  for cleaning the beaches of Vulcano

Eugenio Viviani

Giovanni Rosa

In the Aeolian Islands it’s easy meeting more or less famous personages, islanders or travelling passing, or someone that has decided to retire from the social life in the silence of some secluded part of the Archipelago.
At Vulcano we met in kayak and known on the island the instructor Eugenio Viviani.  Originally from Messina, he has founded his work on the teaching of an extraordinary sport by sea and by river.  At Vulcano he gives you the possibility to taste  in the silence, every gorge, every little inlet, without any problem of anchorage. In practice, you can live the sea in a natural way, gratifying your body and your mind.
The leaving is from a little beach with an equipped area in Vulcano Blu Residence and often you can meet some groups of young French tourists at their first experience with the kayak.
You can see a kayak near a French flag to symbolize a sort of union.
A smile and a lot of enthusiasm, a particular that puts him in the first place in the battle for ethical and social conquest, an example for a youth often apathetic and indifferent.
Eugenio has got a project:  The “Eco kayak”, the cleaning of the beaches thanks to people full of good will and love for the sea. My friends and me will try to support this project.
Eugenio is a symbol, because he more than receiving work and vitality from Vulcano, it’s he himself who gives life to Vulcano.
Thanks Eugenio!
Saturday 21 Maggio 2011, posted on (... see more...).



We dedicate this sea kayaking school to
who inspired our dreams and our trips


Bernard Moitessier


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