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Sailing Vulcano
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Our activities with SUP

Stand Up Paddle surfing, closely related to surfing, is the latest in water sports. Stand up paddle or SUP is an ancient sport that comes from Polynesia. The Polynesians invented it to as a way of sailing to new islands. More recently, surfing instructors started using their long boards with a basic canoe paddle to stay close to their students and to see and reach distant waves.The difference with surfing is that SUP does not need a wave to slide forwards. It consists of standing upright on a large surfboard and using a single blade paddle. It is ideal for sliding on a calm sea but also for surfing the waves once the technique has been mastered. One of the advantages of stand up paddle surf is that you can see so much more from being upright on the board. Stand up paddle surf is not a highly technical sport, but to do it properly and to enjoy it to the utmost, it is best to do an induction course. It is safer and you will be more confident. At our base on Vulcano you can go on one of our induction courses or guided excursions. Vulcano Island is without doubt the best place in Aeolian Islands to try out this new water sport. Go on, have a go!

Stand Up Paddle excursion on Vulcano Island: We start off the technical side by beach, where the water is shallow and tranquil. After a short training session .. read more ›

Introduction to Stand Up Paddle course: Come and learn stand up paddle technique with us and experience new sensations as you navigate on a surf board.  Learn basic techniques needed for .. read more ›

Vulcano Sea and Mountain by SUP: Finally, we propose to you a new idea for a day of Adventure, Enjoyment, Love for Nature and for Sport on the Island of Vulcano... read more ›

Our SUP equipment: Sup boards, paddles, life jackets, and anything else need for... read more ›

For our guests Sicilyinkayak offer 2 accommodation on Vulcano Island close to our kayak base.

  • Kayak Center apartment with the instructors, a private room (2 bunk beds), no breakfast included;
  • Boat and Breakfast: If you are bored of ordinary hotel and rooms, choose and make your stay different! Choose our floating Boat&Breakfast just a few steps from sights, shops and the Kayak & SUP center ... more ...
(Please let me know as soon as possible)

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SUP - Stand Up Paddle   SUP - Stand Up Paddle   SUP - Stand Up Paddle   SUP - Stand Up Paddle