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C.K.C. offers a range of guided kayak tours following different routes, of varying distance but accessible to everyone, even  those with little experience of kayaking,  travelling at sea and nautical camping. Our guide is constantly present (24 hours a day)  throughout the trip to ensure the safety of the group even along the wildest stretches of coast. We use flexible routes which are based on the ability and experience of each individual group and the weather  conditions, resulting in an original approach to the islands. The kayak trips are carried out mainly in the morning, afternoons are reserved for relaxing on the beach and visiting the surrounding area on land. Lunch mainly consists of a picnic on the beach.
quad On tours lasting more than one day  the group will be able to sleep in tents– hostels - hotels etc.(contact us for more details of the options available ).
quad Photographic service throughout the tour.


Aegadian islands

Our tour leaves from Marsala and continues along the “Via del Sale” all part of the Stagnone’ marine reserve, the largest area of wetlands in Sicily and listed as one of the most important wetland zones in Europe. Paddling between windmills, salt mountains and the Phoenician isle of Mozia to reach the nearby Egadi islands, so near yet so far from everything. Immersed in an uncontaminated setting of such rare beauty, these islands are astounding. In spring the island of Favignana celebrates the ancient rites of the ‘mattanza’, a traditional method of tuna fishing learnt from the Arabs and handed down over the ages, prayers and  songs entertain onlookers who are invited to taste the freshly caught fish. Levanzo is small and wild, a visit to the cave ‘Grotta del Genovese’ with prehistoric graffiti is an awesome experience, the unforgettable smell of Mediterranean vegetation, crystalline seas and a wealth of archaeological remains. The last jewel in this magnificent crown of these islands is Marettimo, its singular shape and geological history making it one of the most  important islands in the Mediterranean. The most distant with rugged craggy mountains, splendid caves, mountain tracks, and a unique environment offering visitors the chance to achieve perfect harmony with nature.


Jonian coast

In Sicily we offer 1 or 2 week sea kayak tours along the 130 nautical miles of coastline that unite Cape Peloro and Cape Passero. We do not exaggerate by saying that Sicily is an open air museum, its beaches were the landing points of invaders, merchants and artists whom have left some of the most important art works in all of Europe: from cave paintings and Doric temples, to the glory of Sicilian Baroque, ten thousand years of history to learn and follow by sea kayak. 
Our tour departs from the narrowest part of the Strait of Messina, that looks over both the coast of Sicily and that of Italy, we will cross over the silver Sea of a thousand legends going South, the fascinating paddle of the most captivating coast of Sicily will include breaks to visit the sites and the most interesting cities.   A swim in the gorges of the Alcantara River will be followed by a visit to the Greek Theater of Taormina built on a breathtaking site with a panoramic view.
Swimming, snorkeling, and sun bathing at Aci Castello, the ascent of the imposing and marvelous volcano Etna will be possible once you  reach Catania, where you cannot miss an evening on the town among its thousands of bars and lavish Sicilian baroque art...

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